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Labradoodle hair

Okay, so I have tried my best, but his hair is a bit too course for my liking. I can felt with it, but it does not look very neat.


Because I do not accept failures (accept when I cook), I have decided to mix his hair with some alpaca fleece and I am pleased to say it works a lot better!


So now my “animal” is half alpaca and half Labradoodle = Alpacapoodle.


I called the “man of the moment” to come and have a look (seeing that I have used some of his hair), unfortunately I do not have the ability to “read” his facial expressions (maybe in this case it is for the best)!!


Do not be fooled by his innocent face though…I am sure that if I leave him alone with the Apalcapoodle, he will without a doubt, try to eat it.


A few of my felted alpaca heads have mysteriously disappeared…needless to say, everyone in my hosehold claims to be innocent.


I have ordered different kinds of natural roving. (A roving is a long and narrow bundle of fiber which is ready to be spun into wool.) So, my next blog post will reveal which roving I am going to try out…


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